Emergency Storm Services

Ready to tackle any storm, any time — NG Gilbert's emergency storm service ensures quick, safe and reliable power restoration.

An NG Gilbert crew member pulls a long tree branch across a forest floor toward an NG Gilbert truck.

Swift Storm Recovery Expertise

NG Gilbert’s storm response crews are mobilized rapidly to address emergency situations, equipped with the latest tools and robust training to handle post-storm challenges. Our process prioritizes efficiency, quality and above all, the safety of clients and their employees. In response to varying storm severities, NG Gilbert offers specialized sub-services:

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Storm Damage Assessment

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Debris Clearance & Removal

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Emergency Tree Removal

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Electrical Grid Repair Coordination

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Temporary Power Restoration

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Utility Pole Replacement

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Public Safety Hazard Mitigation

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Post-Storm Site Rehabilitation

An NG Gilbert team member feeds a tree branch into a chipper. An NG Gilbert team member feeds a tree branch into a chipper. An NG Gilbert team member feeds a tree branch into a chipper.

Prepared for Everything. Ready for Anything.

Our preemptive planning and rigorous control mechanisms mean we're prepared for the unexpected, ensuring safety and quality in the face of any storm.

Creating Positive Change Amidst Adversity

NG Gilbert’s services extend well beyond immediate response:

Enhanced Community Resilience

Our swift action not only restores power but reinforces the collective strength of communities against future storms.

Assured Safety Post-Calamity

We focus on immediate danger removal to protect citizens, giving them peace of mind when they need it most.

Foundation for Future Stability

Post-recovery, we work on infrastructure improvement so every storm faced is with a stronger stance.

The Message Is Clear: NG Gilbert Is a Cut Above

“The work crew (Foreman Shan Grohotolsk and groundsmen Eric Anderson and Alex Fitzgerald) that came out to my property to trim a tree compromising the electrical lines was respectful, courteous and professional. I am very appreciative of the quality of the work they did and of the way they treated me as a customer. A huge thank-you to these men.”

Barbara S.

“Yesterday I was driving on Eastern Blvd. in Hagerstown, Maryland, and saw one of your trucks with Virginia license plates. I felt that I should let you know that he was driving in a safe, professional and courteous manner — a credit to your company’s reputation.”

Marsha F.

“A tree was diseased and had a split down the center. Along with very close proximity to my house and electric wiring, it created lots of stress for several years. The gentlemen [who removed the tree] did amazing work. Their diligence, patience and professionalism were stellar and need to be commended. Thank you for keeping safety a priority.”

Timothy H.

Additional Services

Your Power Is in Good Hands

End-to-end utility line services from NG Gilbert

Two NG Gilbert cherry picker trucks holds several crew members as they lift two workers to work on an overhead line.

Distribution and Transmission Line Management

NG Gilbert’s certified experts at power line management maintain, upgrade and repair utility lines efficiently and safely.

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NG Gilbert crew members completing line construction work on a telephone pole.

Line Construction

With safety as our cornerstone, we guarantee superior service that spans all construction types, wood, concrete and steel pole structures.

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An NG Gilbert team member in a cherry picker completing line clearance work in a tree.

Line Clearance

NG Gilbert’s line clearance solutions use modern integrated vegetation management techniques, innovative equipment and advanced herbicides that target invasive species.

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