Keeping Crews and Communities Safe

In our line of work, every measure is worth taking to ensure our crews, clients and communities are safe.

The back of the head of an NG Gilbert crew member. She wears a yellow hard hat, safety vest, and sunglasses as she looks on at other crew members.

We Put Safety First

Safety is more than a buzzword in the utility line service industry — in fact, it’s the most important aspect of the job. We recognize the risks that come with line clearance and construction and address them with comprehensive, continually improved safety protocols, including equipment and vehicle inspections, training programs and quarterly reviews.

Taking Every Precaution

You can never be too careful when it comes to tree trimming and line construction. Our ongoing training opportunities, on-the-job supervised training and quarterly reviews keep safety top of mind for the full team.

NG Gilbert electrical hazard training center

Training Centers

Our mobile training centers provide access to on-site simulated tree trimming and line clearance tasks to reinforce safe practices.

Two NG Gilbert team members wearing hard hats and safety vests discuss in front of an NG Gilbert truck

On-the-Job Training

There’s nothing more effective than hands-on experience, so we provide supervised on-the-job training for our crews to learn the ropes.

An NG Gilbert team member working on a power line

Continuous Improvement

Safety protocols aren’t stagnant. The industry raises its standards continually, and we follow suit with frequent reviews and updates of our practices.

Two NG Gilbert crewmen in cherry pickers working on a power line. Two NG Gilbert crewmen in cherry pickers working on a power line. Two NG Gilbert crewmen in cherry pickers working on a power line.

Quarterly Safety Reviews

NG Gilbert conducts quarterly reviews to ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect our team and communities. Our thorough assessments include analyzing our quarterly safety results, reviewing problem areas and discussing new training and industry developments to implement moving forward.

Safety Awards and Certifications

At NG Gilbert, safety is more than a commitment — it’s a guarantee. The safety awards and certifications we’ve received are a testament to the investments we make in safety and in training the people who promote it.

Championing Safety with the NG Gilbert Employee Foreman Awards

Most days, safe work environments go unnoticed and great work in safety goes unheralded. The NG Gilbert Employee Foreman Awards recognize people who go above and beyond in the name of safety.

Scott Fulper

First Place
New Jersey

Jason Frisbie

Second Place
New York

Carlos Gomez Aguirre

Third Place
New Jersey

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